On-the-go Payments

For iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android Devices

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Sales and More

Swipe or manually enter credit cards and track cash transactions. Includes support for authorization only, offline, refunds and void credit card transactions.

Swiper and Receipt Printer Support

Swipe cards using an encrypted swiper. Use a Bluetooth printer to print receipts white-labeled with your company info and logo.

A Sensible Interface

Mobile Hub shows all your transactions in an easy-to-parse list of receipts. Search through the list for a specific transaction, or sift the listing according to batch number, payment type or transaction type. You can even scan a receipt's barcode to find a specific one.


"Please Sign on the Screen"

Capture signatures using your smart phone or tablet's built-in touch screen.

Customize to Your Business

Mobile Hub is customizable with options that make sense for your business. Add automatic tax amounts, invoice numbers, notes, customer information, and tips.

What You See Is What Prints

There's no guessing, because Mobile Hub displays the receipt in the same format that prints, including your business infomation and company logo.


Fully Integrated with Virtual Hub

Leverage Mobile Hub's full integration with the Virtual Hub
website for powerful transaction and customer reports.