Virtual Terminal

Easy-To-Use | For Mac or PC

Use any web browser and Internet connection on your laptop, PC or Mac with our swipe device to get all of your sales collected with our Virtual Terminal. The PayHub Transaction Gateway provides Level 1 security so that you are able to truly use your devices in place of a traditional terminal. Virtual Hub can process swiped and manually keyed transactions, issue refunds to customer cards and create batch deposits just like a traditional terminal.

Virtual Hub is the one product that every customer uses as it is the place where all transactions can be seen, no matter how many ways each customer processes transactions. Since Virtual Hub is web-based, you do not have to be at the point of sale to login and see your data. For clients who process mobile transactions, virtual transactions, and/or eCommerce transactions, all transactions can be seen in real time on the Virtual Hub Virtual Terminal.

The Virtual Hub Virtual Terminal is an application that is completely PCI-Compliant and PA-DSS-Certified. Transactions are housed on our servers greatly reducing PCI scope, and fraud liability.

All Your PayHub Products Work Together

PayHub separates itself from the competition with the integration of all of our products. This being said, the Virtual Hub Virtual Terminal works with any of the other PayHub products, seamlessly. From cell phone to eCommerce website to desktop computer, repetitive duplication of data input is now a thing of the past.


Easy Processing

Our virtual terminal is built to be simple. Process credit cards and track revenue information with ease.


Track Your Customers

Know who your customers are, what they are buying, and how often they are doing business with you.


Built-in Safety

Use our tools to minimize risk and stop fraud before it happens.

Recurring Billing

Use our virtual terminal to schedule repeated bills. Perfect for businesses with subscribers!


Customizable to Your Business

Add your business name to your emailed receipts. Apply a specific tax rate to your transactions.


User Management

Give your employees their own account and the ability to process payments. Customize their access rights.